Jerusalem: Why is it?

Nerd is to Girls as Jerusalem is to the World

Why is it? Why is it that Jerusalem is so poplular. It’s like the popular boy with all the girls chasing after him, except without all the popular qualities. Jerusalem does not have that many popular qualities: it has no major trade route running through it, has no source of fresh water (except the small Gihon Spring), has no major port, and is a backwater city, banked up in the Judean mountains and out of the way of everything. It practically in the middle of nowhere. So why are all the girls, aka the rest of the world, so enthralled in it?

I can see only two larger reasons why this is so–two reasons for why, for more than six thousand years, have people inhabited it.

ONE, the city is like a natural castle. It sits on a plateau, protected in the east by the Kidron Valley, to the south by the Hinnom Valley, and to the northeast by the Tyropeon Valley (The Cheesemaker’s Valley). It has the higher ground in almost every direction in the event of a battle, except from the northwest. And TWO, the city is holy. In Revelations 21 God founds Jerusalem as the new holy place and center of the world for his people–axis mundi. Again and again we see temples built, destroyed, and rebuilt in this same exact spot.

Reason number ONE, may be why the city has existed physically, but reason TWO is the reason why anyone would want to defend the city in the first place. I mean, why protect something if you don’t even care about? What is the meaning of these words called “holiness,” and “sacredness,” and why does it capture the rest of the world the way it does? Why are we, aka “the girls” standing around a nerd? I know why, actually.

Because that nerd is a blessed, that’s why.


One Response to “Jerusalem: Why is it?”

  1. staticmethods Says:

    That has to be the cutest analogy for Israel I’ve seen.

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