Baby Jerusalem…awww how cute.

Awww it was so cute then...

I really think Jerusalem was cute when it was born–small, while needing the protection of “parents.”

Though, Jerusalem was supposedly urbanizing in the 18th century, as implied by the decreasing number of names on the Execration Text (1900 BCE) and the wall found from that era (i.e. the Fountain Gate) ….come on, the City of David could have only been so big–that’s why i deem it “cute.” I mean, if David would, in the future, have to build the “millo” in order to support one of his palaces on top of the hill, you know that there must have not been that much room on top of the place.

Now let’s judge the character of the city–which of course, let’s get real here, was kind of babyish as well. Although, Jerusalem’s early history is quite unknown actually. We guess someone probably settled there approximately in 4000 BCE. We know that the city was called Salem at one time (Gen. 14:17), and we also know that IT HAD NO CONTROL OVER ITSELF (at least in the twentieth century) because the Egyptians had control over Jerusalem in the 20th century. Okay, a little bit overdramatic. Of course the Egyptians let the Canaanites fight each other and have their own little city states (which wasn’t a bad idea since it would keep the Canaanites from allying with one another against Egyptian control anyways) but really guys, Jerusalem had little of any power. Jerusalem’s cry for help in the Tel Armarna Letters are an example of this. “Mom, Dad….help.” Not to mention the Canaanites were the conquered and “human leftovers” of the Sea Peoples (the Philistines). WEAK SAUCE.

The only time Jerusalem starts to grow up is when Joshua showed up with his Israelites, during the time the Jebusites had control over the city of Jerusalem, which was then called Jebus. Anyways, that’s later.

p.s. I must say a part of me is nervous in saying Jerusalem is cute–scared that it’s insulting to someone somewhere. One day, someone will read this and put me on a death list…


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